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These pictures were taken while on vacation in Padstow during the first week of July 2006. The Spirit of Padstow lifeboat is shown below in Padstow shortly after it arrived to take on duties at the new boathouse. A Cornish crabber sailboat regatta was underway in the estuary to mark the arrival of the new lifeboat. Additional information about the Spirit of Padstow and pictures are available on the Lifeboat website.
Addtional information about Padstow can be found by clicking the following link and don't forget to go to this sites Webcam page to see live page to see live Padstow and Rock webcams. 

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Daymer Bay from Padstow Cornwall England 07.05.06 Click for more

Above, from Padstow looking at the sail boats, Brea Hill across the Camel estuary and beyond to Daymer bay.

Daymer Bay from Padstow Cornwall England 07.05.06

Pictures looking across to Rock, the old Padstow lifeboat is in the estuary surrounded by racing sail boats.

Daymer Bay from Padstow Cornwall England 07.05.06

Padstow Lifeboat, Cornwall England 07.05.06

The Spirit of Padstow being inspected...

Padstow Lifeboat, Cornwall England 07.05.06

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