Padstow Cornwall and Port Isaac Pictures and Information

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Go to the Cornwall home page the see "Wasson?!" in Cornwall today! Also check out the banners below where you will find useful links to some of the best restaurants and pubs in Cornwall. Click on the banners for this free valuable information.

An early morning picture taken of the Padstow Rowing Club Pilot Gig "Dasher" out on the water in the estuary at slack tide with Rock in the distance.  More pictures of Dasher and information can be found at the Padstow Pilot Gig Rowing Club website.

Click on the Cornwall 1 tab to see pictures of the Padstow Lifeboat, Camel Estuary regatta and view a Cornwall Twitter Feed. Addtional pictures of the Camel river, Padstow harbour, the London Inn and Golden Lion Inn can be found on other Corwall pages.

Dasher Pilot Gig Padstow Cornwall England 07.05.06

Daymer Bay from Padstow Cornwall England 07.05.06

The Padstow coastal path looking out towards Stepper Point.

Port Isaac

Port Isaac Cornwall England 07.05.06

The following Port Isaac pictures were taken on a less than perfect day using a Nikon E3200 camera.

Additional high resolution pop-up picture thumbs. Click on the pictures to view.

For those visitors who are interested in the fictional "goings on" in Port Gwen the following link has information about the 2011 Doc Martin TV series featuring Port Isaac as Port Gwen.  This page along with a number of other Cornwall pictures seems to be very popular. I guess partly because Port Isaac is the backdrop for the Doc Martin Cornwall TV series. Click on the blue text links for additional information.


It may interest visitors that this website also features pictures of Castle Combe which has been used for a number of films and an episode of Poirot.  For those who are more adventurous "my ultimate" film location/vacation was swimming with sharks in The Bahamas, a location for James Bond and many other movies. Nicholas Cage is one of the many celebrities who has a home on Paradise Island. If you want to "bump" into TV/movie stars then Toronto featured on my site and Vancouver featured on the site are great vacation/TV/movie locations. There always seems to be filming going on in these locations and many Hollywood actors choose to have homes in Vancouver.

Also check out my Paradise Island and Japan/Kyoto web pages for an unforgetable vacation experience.



For more than 50 years I have always looked forward to visiting the North Cornish coast. However, gone are the days when I used to enjoy staying at my grandparents home "Pembardon" in Trebetherick, a Kelly's icecream on Polzeath beach, pasties and scones from the Rock Bakery and clotted cream from the local farm. Only fond memories remain of my grandparents, of watching from their front room the vicar crossing the fields to the St. Enodoc church and wind surfers off Doom Bar. Long gone are John Betjeman, Mr King from Meadowgarth, the milkman and the postman who used to stop by for morning coffee laced with rum. For me now, there are only fleeting visits to Cornwall every four or five years and things have changed.  Gone is the Daymer lane post office and Coad's dairy in Polzeath, a younger new population has moved in bringing with them change.   

I stay in Padstow these days and take the ferry across to Rock. I still remember every blade of grass between Rock and New Polzeath,  walk the same coastal paths stopping by the St. Enodoc church and still climb Brea Hill.

 A new tradition has taken hold, that of a pint or two Sharp’s Doombar Ale at one of the local pubs where at least there are still some local accents and chat. Now I can enjoy a pint of Doombar as far away as London and be taken back to a time and place of my early youth, to model sailboats in rock pools and flying kites a top of Brea hill.
The List is a collection of great Cornish restaurants, hotels and dining pubs.
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